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wishbonesociety's Journal

The Wishbone Society
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\**/ ¤**¤. Wishbone Society ¤**¤.
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In order to join this community you must:
Currently have an eating disorder.
Be Seventeen years of age or older.

Post some sort of introduction after joining so we're able to get to know you.
Be kind to other members at all times. How can we reach out for support and understanding if we don't give it to others first?

Please feel free to post anything you'd like here.
Quotes, lyrics, pictures of yourself, thinspiration, your daily intake, etc. Just as long as it isnt anti-eating disorder or hateful it's allowed.

This is an online support community for Anorectic's and Bulimic's.
If you have a problem with the nature of this community (maybe it's your lack of understanding, hate, or whatever) and you just can't get over it, dont bother the members here, just take it up with the person who created this community, cauchemar_ange.

When you see the term Pro Eating disorder here it is just to show that we are not in recovery or interested in recovery but we are in no way saying that this is a simply a lifestyle, we do understand this is a serious disorder but just are not interested in seeking treatment so please respect that.

We are not here to convert little girls into mindless Barbie wannabes or to help people develop the disorder in general which is why we have an age limit here to try to only allow people who have full grasp of what their eating disorder is and have the knowlage of what eating disorders do to people.

The age limit for this community is Seventeen years old and up but may be raised to eighteen years old depending on how things work with the first few seventeen year olds we get.