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Tastes Like Ass... [Feb. 11th, 2008|01:38 pm]
The Wishbone Society
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I got the pleasure of tasting sodium free chicken bouillon about 5 minutes ago & wow....barf....
It tastses like ass!

I'd rather not eat anything than eat that!
I almost figured that I would just fast again today, but I decided against it after all of your support with my fit the other night.

You would be soooo proud of me!
You know when you get in that mode where it seems like there's no reason NOT to binge?

You give yourself all of these reasons why it will be okay & how you'll make it up & blah-de-fucking-blah...
It was 11:30pm last night & I told myself, "If you binge now, it will be a new day in another half hour! You'll be fine! You did great all week!"

I got downstairs to the kitchen, opened up the cupboard, took each binge-worthy thing out one at a time & then it hit me!
I put everything back in the exact oder that I took them out, walked back upstairs & laid back down.

It was over as quickly as it started!
I felt so accomplished & a little scared that even I could refuse such tempting food so easily.

I'm dumping the sodium free bouillon, sorry babe!
I'll just take laxatives even MORE than usual to get rid of the water weight that's sure to come!

In other news, I got my period for the first time in a while!
It came late, but I've had it for forever now it seems!

I wish, as completely insane as it sounds, that our bodies could gives us a daily update on what's going on.
It would save so much worry if we got a print out on the goods & bads of our bodies!

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