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EmaciatedBarbieDoll [Feb. 8th, 2008|07:31 am]
The Wishbone Society
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I'm new to the community!

(H) 5 feet & 3.75 inches
(HW) 145 pounds
(CW) 101 pounds
(LW) 82 pounds
(GW) 80 pounds

(ED) Anorexic w/ chronic bulimic tendencies
(AC) Under 100 a day
(OM) Diet pills, purging (laxatives, vomiting, the works,) exercise, ipecac (a.s.a.p.) caffiene pills, nicotene? & constant thinspiration
(FT) Real girls, models (Miranda Kerr,) Nicole Richie, my two best friends, the mirror
(PT) Pizza, KFC, being overwhelmed by slow loss
                <Monday> 8 Chicken Bouillon Cubes 40/0/8 
                <Tuesday> 1 Light Vanilla Yogurt 90/0/14 
                <Wednesday> 1 SF Lime Jell-O 20/0/0 
                <Thursday> 1 Lightly Salted Rice Cake 35/0/7 
                <Friday> 1 Light Peach Yogurt 90/0/14 
                <Saturday> Fast 
                <Sunday> Fast
(TY) Three <14/15-16/17>

(Website) EmaciatedBarbieDoll.page.tl

Talk lovelies! 


[User Picture]From: lolly_fowler
2008-10-19 08:51 pm (UTC)
heya, i'm new on here :)

bit about me :
i'm laura, and i'm 17 in just over a month.
i've had an e/d for about 4 years now which sucks but aww well!

(h) 5"3
(hw) 123lbs
(cw) 112 lbs
(lw) 105 lbs
(gw) 93 lbs

(e/d) mia/ with ana tendencies

. . . and i'm not too sure what all the o0thers stand for, so i'll leave it at that for now.
x x x

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